drew m talley is an assistant professor in the environmental and ocean sciences department at the University of San Diego, a small liberal arts university committed to academic excellence. He is also the Science Director for Ocean Discovery Institute, a non-profit that focuses on using authentic scientific research to empower and engage underrepresented students.


(yes, I know this is not a fundulus)


(yes, I know this is not a fundulus)

My research focuses on understanding the mechanisms and generalities behind habitat linkages, and integrating these connections into studies of coastal ecosystems. Examples include research focused on the connectivity of habitats in southern California estuaries; the effects of global climate change on estuarine food webs in the San Francisco estuary; connectivity at the land-sea interface in the Gulf of California; food web dynamics in coastal systems of northern Baja California, and the ecosystem-level impacts of species invasions in the Tijuana Estuary. Throughout all of my work, I strive to integrate education and applied conservation biology into my fundamental science questions.


There is a nice article about my work (research, teaching, and work with that terrific non-profit) available at the department’s website.