The students in my lab work on a broad range of topics, but generally focus on issues of habitat connectivity and wetland ecology

current students


Danielle Carter

Danielle used stable isotope enrichment techniques to track the movement of shoredrift into terrestrial food webs on islands in the Gulf of California. She is working an analysis/writing right now, while also taking on a new role as educator at the Seattle Aquarium!



Rebecca Schwartz

Becky is finishing up her work studying trends in the southern California sport fishing catch over the last 70 years, and how those patterns relate to both anthropogenic and environmental parameters. She also serves as San Diego Audubon's Conservation Program Manager.



Katie Blaha-Robinson

Katie is a 2nd year graduate student studying salt marsh habitats through the exciting life history of the California Killifish. She uses gut content and stable isotope analysis to examine differences in diet between a natural and created marsh.


Lisa Robison

Lisa is studying the habitat connectivity of California killifish and Diamond turbot in San Diego wetlands, using otolith microchemical analysis. Passionate about marine ecology and conservation, her research focuses on how marine species respond to changes in their environment.


Marisol Palomares

Marisol is a first year grad student interested in algal wrack on sandy beaches, and the organisms that use this wrack. Originally from Texas, she enjoys both studying and eating seaweed.




Amber Clay

more info soon!

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Raechel Hill

I am a third-year at USD and a marine ecology major. I study the otoliths of the California killifish and am interested in estuarine ecology, science communication, and outreach. I will be applying to graduate programs across the country next fall


Kayla Eichenberger

Kayla is a 3rd year undergraduate student in the Marine Ecology major. She briefly studied population density of Olive Ridley sea turtles in the Ostional Wildlife Refuge in Costa Rica during the summer of 2016. She is currently interested in studying variation in types of plastics consumed by Fundulus parvipinnis in relation to size and distribution of the fish


Lyajiah Gilbert

My name is Lyajiah, and I am a biology major with an interest in environmental studies. My goal after I graduate is to join the Peace Corps, with the hope to teach biology to children in 3rd world countries




Anai Novoa


Jayna Borja


Ric DeSantiago