From Boat to Throat: A Meeting with Pete Halmay, the Urchin King

The Sustainability LLC got an insider's view into our local fisheries, starting with a visit to the Tuna Harbor Dockside Market in San Diego. There we were met by Peter "The Urchin King" Halmay, who spoke to us about the history of fishing in San Diego, the kelp beds and how they have changed through time, and what "sustainable" fishing means to a local fisherman. We got to see the local catch, meet with representatives from California Sea Grant, and learn about the history and biology of our local fishes.

Then we went to hang out on the grass and relax near the Midway, before going in to The Fish Market restaurant and perusing their seafood case, where we saw very little (or no) local fish, but lots of items from as far away as Iceland and Fiji. We then sat down for a nice lunch, and talked about fishing, fisheries, homecoming, football, and more while we enjoyed our lunch.

It was a great morning - learning, conversation, and food!

If you are interested in picking up some sustainable local seafood, I strongly suggest you check out the Tuna Harbor Dockside Market's Facebook page, and head down and support our local fishermen!