Another great summer

I know, you have all been anxiously awaiting my updates. So here goes:

First, I have two San Diego projects this summer, being run by two of my experienced undergrads - Yuri and Megan.

As part of USD's new National Science Foundation REU Program, Yuri will be looking at an invasive clam that has recently been reported in Mission Bay (see here for more info). In related work, Megan will be comparing historical data on resident salt marsh fishes in Mission Bay, and we are already seeing elevated densities of the invasive yellowfin goby (the handsome fish pictured below). 


The *other* Doctor Talley (Theresa) is also doing some work out of my lab, while her building gets refurbished up at Scripps Institution of Oceanography/California Sea Grant. She is working with a student from Mater Dei High School (A neat cooperative between USD and the high school, now headed by Dr. Nathalie Reyns of Environmental and Ocean Sciences, so could not be in more competent hands!), as well as one of our USD undergrads, looking at how plastics travel through our watersheds into the sea, and what effects they might be having. Already some exciting (albeit depressing) beloved Fundulus apparently have quite a taste for plastic, and are consuming lots!

I also will spend a couple of weeks in Bahía de los Angeles with my Graduate Student (Thais) and students and staff from Ocean Discovery Institute, continuing our long-term analysis of the effects of spatial subsidy on island ecosystems. While I am gone, Theresa will be helping out with the fishes and clams, and I will be checking email daily (satellite connection permitting), keeping the projects on track.

So, as usual, a busy but interesting summer, and a GREAT way to kick off my sabbatical!