Art and Science

So, there are these two phenomenal artists (Joey Rose and Alexandra Underwood) who were working on an art project related to climate change and ocean acidification. They were wondering who some of the key scientists are in the field, past and present, and I put that question out to a bunch of fellow scientists.

A few names kept reappearing on people’s lists (maybe a future post here). But one of those names that kept showing up, but is probably NOT on the radar of the general layperson, is Dr. Lisa Levin, who ALSO happens to have been my PhD advisor.

I have mentioned Lisa before - recently, in fact, in this post. But I could not state her achievements better than the artist, Joey Rose did in his instagram post:

Lisa Levin: Educator. Explorer. Scientist. Researcher. Conservationist. Policy Influencer. She does everything! Her studies and observations revolve around deep sea ecosystems deprived of oxygen and those subject to acidification and sulphide stress. (All very recently discovered man-made issues.) Among many achievements, she’s also the founder of the Deep-Ocean Stewardship Initiative.
— Joey Rose

Joey’s portrait of her is just too good not to share, so here you go! What an incredible display of talent.